Monday, March 22, 2010

The Crazies (2010)

      This is a remake of a 1973 George Romero film. I would've liked this review to be a cross comparison of the two films but unfortunately, I haven’t seen the original yet. The remake starts off in a small town on the baseball field. An old man walks onto the field, with a little league game in progress, brandishing a shotgun. He points it at the local sheriff, who proceeds to blow him away. Some question the sheriff’s actions but most don’t bother to question his judgement. (All except the old man’s family that blames him for murdering their husband and father) Soon, another tragic “accident” occurs involving the bizarre death of a man’s family. The investigation leads the sheriff to the site of a downed army transport plane in the lake. (Which drains into their drinking water) As it turns out, the plane was carrying a chemical weapon Code name: Trixie, used to “thin the population”, and was on its way out to be disposed of. The army comes in for the quarantine and the sheriff gets separated from his wife. The rest of the movie consists of the Sheriff and his deputy trying to find his wife and then the three of them trying to avoid any run-ins with the army. The “infected” in this movie have open sores and pulsing veins in their face, giving this movie sort of a “pseudo-zombie” feel… except for the fact that they talk. (Not that they didn’t do that in Return of the Living Dead!) To produce the creepy feeling of the sudden appearance of someone, this film made interesting use of camera angles and focus. (i.e. While the camera is focused on the character in the foreground, an out of focus character will suddenly appear in the background without coming into focus. Giving the impression that there’s always something lurking in the background) Not a bad movie, but just a little lackluster in the action and gore departments for my taste. This movie does set up a good eerie atmosphere and builds some pretty decent suspense. Though while there aren’t too many major flaws in this film, it seems to be almost forgettable due to the absence of any particular stand out performances or memorable moments.

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  1. not a good or bad movie, i give it a 6.5 for its effort.